when to recharge battery??

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when to recharge battery??

I recently bought a makita 14.4v cordless impact driver and drill and was always told not to run my batteries completely dead as instructed in the manual. Now i am using them at college and everyone tells me to run them dead so they wont even turn the chuck before recharging them because they will last longer. The batteries are Nickel-Metal Hydride if that helps. Whats your guys opinion, run them dead or recharge before they die, thanks.
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From what I have read, these batteries do not have a memory so charging before they are completely dead is okay. I have included a link about these batteries which primarily discusses camera batteries but touches on tools. Hope this helps. Good luck.

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I used to always hear to discharge totally but now I'm hearing not to fully discharge ?

what dose the makita manual say ?
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Since your manual says to run them dead, run them dead! Other newer batteries may not have to be run dead- it depends on the battery. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions... never listen to guys who think they know more than the manufacturer does.
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Run them dead, but then charge them right away, don't make any effort to try to discharge them any further. The biggest problem here is that you want to keep the battery from getting hot, so don't leave it on the charger once it's charged up again.
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Do not run them DEAD and never let the battery just "sit." The more often you use your battery and charge it the longer and healthier it lasts- Straight from the manufacturers mouth that I contacted a few weeks ago.

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thanks for the help guys. I didnt think it sounded right to run them completely dead. After all it says not too in the owners manual. The tough part know is keeping other people from running them dead. Thanks again for the help

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