cordless drill recommendation


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cordless drill recommendation

My last cordless drill, a 12volt Black and Decker has died and unfortunately through planned obsolescence must be replaced, it is about 6 years old and apparently that is a very long time for one of these to last. (I also was not very impressed with it's performance) The charger and batteries alone will cost me about 60 dollars so it doesn't make any since to get the replacement because a new drill will cost about that much. Anyway, I am looking to replace it with either a 12volt Ryobi or a 14volt Sears Craftsman, they both cost about the same about 60 dollars and I am looking for someone who is familiar with both. I am just a casual user homeowner and not looking to spend a lot of money. Any recommendations, I like the smaller compact size of the Ryobi which has a 2 year warrantee but think the added power of the Sears 14 volt may be useful at times.
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For just casual around the home use either will suit you just fine. I have never owned the Ryobi but have owned a Craftsman 14.4. It gave me several years of dependable service and I used it just about every day.
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cordless drills seem to lsat me about 2 years (going waay back ), I had a ryobi that lasted 6 years , I replaced it with another ryobi that lasted right at two years when the switch broke . I needed a drill that day so I replacd it with ryobi hammer drill (still havent looked into a new switchfor the other one)

I like ryobi , see them on a lot of jobsites around here ..lots of bang for the buck . have owned them all makita ,dewalt, milwakee
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12 or 14 should be fine
Go with the one that feels best in your hands
Weight, balance
You'll enjoy using it more
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I went from 12 volt dewalt (biggest at the time ) to 14 volt ryobi (18 had jsut come out but was pricey)

I recall being impressed with the increased preformance of the 14 over the 12 so if your not happy with the 12 consider the 14.

slickshift makes a excellant point about being comfortable . I looked at the 18 volt before i bought my 14 volt and it just wasnt balanced and seemd ackword so I bought the 14 (that and price )

when the 14 died the 18 design had improved and I find the ones i have now very comfortable
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I own an 18 volt and my brother in law owns a 12 volt of the same brand (won't mention brand, not important). Our father in law wanted one of the same brand. We decided my 18 v was too big and bulky and my b-i-l's 12 v was occasionally not quite powerful enough. F-i-l bought the 14.4 and couldn't be happier.
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The Ryobi 14.4 V kit with the drill and flashlight is a good deal at around $69 bucks. I'd definatly stick with 14.4V.

I got mine reconditioned at biglots for less, and it has lasted through two bathroom and one TV room remodels. I did have to replace the switch when
the variable speed went away. (mango, PM me for a $20 answer)
It's two years old and the batteries are starting to hold less. I suspect next su mmer I'll be looking like you.

(I mean, not like the same haircut and sunglasses, but like I'll be looking for a drill, like you are now.)
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I have a dewalt 18v XRP... I use it for drilling steel up to 3/16, anything more I switch to the cored milwaukee. Its got a ton of power, but its alot more than your looking to spend. 269, and I got free battery. Keep in mind 12/14 v drills wont drill steel much thicher than 1/16, so if you plan on doing anywork like that, spend the extra $$$. I say look for a dewalt. Northern tool sells facotry refurbished, which is a great way to get a great tool and a great price. Th drill is extremly well balanced...a bit heavy (its an 18v) but because its balanced so well, it doesnt really bother me.


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