Angled Or Straight Nail Gun ?


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Angled Or Straight Nail Gun ?

Can you tell me if there is a big difference between using an angled or straight nail gun?

Is there really a big enough difference to warrant the difference in price?
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I have no idea why they even MAKE straight finish nailers. Angled nailers are far better for getting into corners and nailing at an angle.
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Straight finish nailers are usually 16-guage which have a smaller T-head. Angled finish nailers are usually 15-guage which have a D-head, leaving a larger hole to fill.
The nails for the 15-guage are significantly more expensive than those for the 16-guage. Some builders will provide 16-guage nails for their trim carpenters at no cost, creating a bias in usage.
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I prefer a straight for trim
Angled for framing

Most trim I do is straight on
Framing, however, I have to do those inside corners
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I have never seen a straight framing nailer. The magazines are typically angled 20-34 degrees and the nose of the tool extends beyond the lowest point as well. Toenailing and countersunk heads are very common when framing.
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I have a Porter Cable angle finish nailer (15), although the people I know who trim all day, every day, swear by the 16g straight... They do massive, and beautiful trim in million dollar homes all day long. (multilayer crowns, wainscoating, railings, etc.

I thought crown molding would be easier with the angled so I bought it, and my trim work is very nice ... thier trim work is stunning.

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