Comperssor add ons?

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Comperssor add ons?


I have a Hitachi air compressor (oil) that I've used a lot with a variety of air guns, from brads, to frame nailers to roofing nailers. I love it but would like to put it to more use.

Can this type of compressor be used to:

1) blow air through hoses/pipes to clear them of water for winter?

2) inflate bicycle or other tires?

Sorry to be a noob - but if either is the case, are attachments readily available?

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I have the EC12 as well.

For purging pipes, I would say NOT. 4 gallons of air is not very much and you will heat up the pump significantly before much purging occurs. I suggest a shop vac (outlet side) with inflator nozzles - you can use greater air volume at lower pressure to purge open-ended things like hoses more quickly.

For tire inflation periodically, it does work with the following precautions:
1. For bicycle tires, limit the output pressure to 10 pounds over the inflation limit to avoid tube blowouts.
2. For auto tires, I recommend that you avoid inflating four nearly flat tires in succession. Do one, then check how warm the air tanks are. Let it cool if necessary. For just topping off tires that a just a bit low, they can be done back to back.
3. For about $20, home centers sell an inflating device that is a combination air chuck and pressure guage. To check pressure, just put the chuck at the end of the short hose on the tire valve. To add air, hold the chuck on the tire valve and press the air lever. It saves carrying a separate tire guage. Terminate it with a QD male plug and connect to air line.
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I've got an Emglo 1 1/2 HP compressor (oil bath) that's almost the same exact size and configuration as the Hitachi EC12, and I've used it every year to blow out the sprinkler system at my local congregation... it works fine for that, since it's a small lot, only 7500 sq ft.

We've got an air hose attachment hooked up to the draincock in the basement. Once the water is shut off, I just hook up the air hose and blow each zone out one by one. (8 zones). In between zones, I disconnect the hose and let the compressor pump up to full pressure, before hooking it back up to do the next zone. Keeping the regulator set at about 50 lbs seems to work well... it keeps enough pressure in the pipes for 20 seconds or so, which is just enough to make the heads pop up and get rid of the water in them.

But I've found the big 8 gallon compressors work much better for such things- they deliver enough CFM that they can maintain about 50 lbs without having to disconnect and allow the tank to fill back up.

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