S.O.S Need info on Air Pressure Compressors!


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S.O.S Need info on Air Pressure Compressors!

I am looking to buy an air compressor. I need one that can nail in at least 16D nails. My question is...What is the minimum (psi) needed to drive in a 16D nail and to be the right(psi) for it?
Ive been looking for this information for a while.
Is there a specific chart for this?
I need this please.
I Thank You in advance.
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I use a framing nailer to drive this size nail. The typical pressure used is 100 psi. The compressor begins recovery at 95 psi and takes about 15 seconds for a 2 h.p. pump on a 4 gallon tank.

There are other factors that affect how well a 16D nail is set:
1. the hardness and composition of the material being nailed - white pine vs. engineered lumber or hardwood.
2. the nailing rate and air hose diameter - framers run 3-10 nails per second in contact trip mode; a larger air tank with the compressor will aid in smoothing out the pressure variations.
3. the efficiency of the framing nailer to convert air pressure to driving force - some will set that 16D flush or countersunk with 100 psi supply while others may leave the head standing off the surface.
4. the nail design - ring-shank and screw-shank nails will require more force to set than brite, smooth nails with no galvanizing.

You will not find this information associated with the compressor. It is available with the specifications for the framing nailers. Some do not handle nails longer than 3+1/4" while others will drive 3+1/2" nails.

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