Using compressor after long term storage


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Using compressor after long term storage

Since the forum admins seem to be wanting to limit the number of Air compressor related threads, and this thread is related to my question, I'll post it here.

I have a Craftsman Air-compressor (can get exact model if needed). It's only about 2 years old, and has had limited use. However, it has sat in a storage unit for the past year. The only thing I've done is gone in about 3 times over the year to make sure that there was no water buildup inside the tank (by opening the valve at the bottom, and then reclosing it).

Craftsman/Sears, has provent to:

1. Be a good quality product for what I need
2. Proven to be nothing short of in the customer service department.

So I'm here. Is there anything specific I need to do before starting it up again? I'm pretty sure it's not a safety issue, but I'd like to get longer life out of the motor if possible.

It's the 2hp vertical 33gal portable compressor.

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No, there is nothing you need to do before starting.
The only real preventative maitenance you need to do assuming it's a belt drive is check the belt, clean the intake filter if there is one and change the oil.

If you change the oil it is best done after an extended run so that it puts any dirt on the bottom in suspension.
Just open the drain tap and then run the compressor untill the head gets hot then after shutting it off, drain the oil.
Use 20 weight non-detergent motor oil which you should find at most auto parts suppliers.

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