[where to buy] a diamond tip drill bit?

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Need a diamond tip drill bit?

I'm installing a new whirlpool tub for a buddy and the holes for the faucet were not pre drilled. The out side of the tub has a acrylic (sp?) coating and I was told y another buddy to use a diamond tip bit to drill the holes because anything else would chip the acrylic coating. The only thing close to me is a home depot and they said the dont carry diamond tip bits. Where else could I try? I live in the Dallas Texas area.

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Hello: Jim

I moved the question out of hardware and into this tools topic. A drill bit is a tool. To the right, in the related ads displayed several links to diamond drill bit suppliers. DIY might also carry them. Check the diy store too. Links in the sticky note. Also check tool and welding supply stores in your area. Big box stores do not often carry such specialty products.

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Try a tile store, call first.
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wouldnt a crbide bit work ?

might also want to post in the tile forum here
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If this is a one time use, I would be heading for the rental store. Tell them what you are doing and get the right tool without paying for something you'll never use again. Good luck.
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If the tub is either fibreglass with an acrylic coating or of some type of plastic then what you need is a hole saw.
Normally faucets come with some type of trim ring that will hide any minor chipping that happens with brittle coatings.
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Like dragon, if you have to use a diamond, rent it. Or find a place over your mantel to display it, because it will cost too much to own and never use. A hole saw, lowered very slowly will cut very smoothly, as will a tile hole drill. The tile drill will be coated with an abrasive rather than teeth, so you may get a cleaner cut.
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I think your friend meant to say 'hole saw'. I get them confused when working in a bathroom because your always thinking of hard tile and therefore tile cutting bits, which (many) are diamond dust coated, hence diamond bits.
Thats why a little 1/4" bit will cost $15 and there seldom sold in sets, lol. But I digress,,, you need a hole saw as others have pointed out.

In fact, just yesterday, I was arguing with a guy, insisting the fastener we were looking at, was a toggle bolt. I had to tell him several times! He thought I was nuts. Today, I realized that I meant to say Molly bolt, not toggle bolt. He must think Im an idiot.
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Thanks for the sugestions folks. The company my friend purchased the tub from is who told him to drill the holes with a diamond tip. Turned out his wife changed her mind and went with brass facuets in the wall. Project turned out looking great and everything working with no leaks. As always thanks for the help folks.


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