Mini Mill

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Mini Mill

I've recently just started a job as a CNC waterjet operator. Even with a strong computer background I was a little nervous at the start. (I left my computer career to get into the 'metal fabrication' industry because I got tired of the desk job). Now I'm finding it an excellent balance between my past computer experience and my real passion for 'hands-on' work. Now onto my question

Within the next year I'm thinking of getting a mini-mill for the house. Something that can generate a little extra money on the side. Being really new to this end of machinery I was wondering what I should be looking at? Also, what price range (approx.) I should look at for a quality setup? TIA
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As to jobs you will get tired with all of them, that how life is.
I did production then prototype machining then I wanted production so I would not have to think every minute.

The more trades you know the better.

How much room do you have ?
What size parts do you want to make ?
What type of material do want to cut ?
What tolerance do you want to work with ?
Can you handle the smell of oil on your clothing all day ?

I have a Taiwan table top mill.
RF 25 I think, 450 pounds.
I had to make a table to support its weight.
4" vise is about the best fit for the table.
R-8 spindle is a MUST.
1/2" end mill capacity is what the machine likes.
Boring holes is ok but I would not call it precision.

The accessories will cost more then the mill.

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