Sander Recommendations?

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Sander Recommendations?

We are looking to do some kitchen remodel. This includes redoing the cabinets. We are going to sand them all down, taking the stain off completely, and then paint them. My question is...what would be the sander of choice to do this? Grit? My wife wants her kitchen basically, what new nifty tools should I buy?
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Would something like this do the work?
Bosch 1295D Random Orbital Sander
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Depends on the surface Rap
It'd have to be pretty flat, no inside corners

That Bosch looks nice

For sanders I find I use a combination

For a 5" round I use a P-C R/O w/hook'n'loop
It's an adjustable speed, handle can go on either side long boy, can attach a vac, etc...

I like it a lot
I also use it for buffing (got the h'n'l pads for that too)
It's a little beefier than that Bosch

For a hand/palm sander, I use a 1/4 sheet P-C

The palm sander, being square, can get into place the bigger rounder one can't, so often I use both, and would be hard pressed to choose just one
...not that I'm saying you need two sanders mind you , but technically the big one is a sander, and the little one is a finish sander

Though if I had to, I think I'd have to stick with the 1/4 sheet palm
It's a good finish sander and can go places a round one can't
I can put some 34 grit on it and it doesn't blink

Straight up though, you're going to be bringing those pieces down to bare wood
For massive material removal like this, personally I'd whip out the lil' belt sander
Not too big, not too loud
Hey we're not doing floors here...yet
Works nice

Then the 5" R/O to smooth and and maybe finish
That's if there's no need for the palm
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have them stripped or strip them yourself rather than sanding the finish off

random orbit sander is my choice for best overall , but you might also look at detail sanders for finishing your cabinets

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