18volt dewalt drill smoking

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18volt dewalt drill smoking

i was using my 18 volt dewalt drill today and maybe using a 5 1/2 inch hole saw to cut threw a 2x8 was a little much,and the drill started to smoke a little from the vent in the back of the drill...so i stopped using it right away and went to my electric drill,and the dewalt seems fine now...i used it to screw deck boards down and no smoke...i dont think i fried it cause it still works,has anyone had this happen...do you think i damaged it where it will die soon?.....
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A 5 1/2" hole saw is quite a challenge for the most powerful 120v drill made. I think you took in too much territory, but maybe got lucky. Time will tell.
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If it was overheated, I'm surprised it didn't shut itself down
(Don't know if the DeWalts do that)

It may have been a bit of dust that collected inside and the motor hasn't been that hot until now to "burn it off"
Or it could've been from that job
If it was the motor, it sounds like you caught it in time

Deck boards is a tough (good) test
If it's working OK I'd say you didn't ruin it
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You burned a little insulation by overheating the armature. No big deal. Just don't do it on a regular basis. Try to keep the RPM rates up by only using the accessories rated for your model drill.
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smell the vents on you drill, if there is no STRONG burn smell, you probably didnt do very much damage to it. A new motor for those things are about as much as a new one, including repair costs. Its very good you reacted to the smoke, most people would burn the drill up.
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Aah heck, go ahead and use it to mix up the drywall mud now - just kidding. I had this happen to mine over a year ago and it is still going strong - of course I stopped testing the limits of the drill after that.
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thanks guys for the replies...i know i did a stupid thing,but this drill has done everything and i really never gave it a thought to use it with the 5 1/2 hole saw,till i seen it start to smoke..
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Smoking Gun

I was pulling some deck screws which were pretty tight when mine started to smoke. I stopped when I saw the smoke but was not as lucky as lovmy4x4.

I waited 24 hours before using the Dewalt cordless again. I had a smiple 7/32 hole to pre-drill into a piece of pine (can't get much less tension than that). It started to smoke again even when drilling the air.

I am afraid that the motor is passed the point of no return. Unless anyone has any repair possibilities in mind I will be looking for a new drill which will be a different brand.

Suggestions are welcome.
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Oh, you can replace the brushes. Just be sure you have the temperament for it as it gets a little hairy inside a Dewalt. I have done it successfully, but you can find the drill body on Ebay or other sales venues for less than $50. IT'S THE BATTERIES THAT COST SO MUCH!! Sorry for yelling. In the middle of another tear down.

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