craftsman air compressor rebuild

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Question craftsman air compressor rebuild

this is my first post so please be gentle if i break any rules.

i am going to rebuild a ~20 year old craftsman air compressor. listed below is all the information i have about the compressor.

Sears Craftsman Air Compressor
Horizontal, Oil Lubricated, Twin Piston

Model No. 919.156650
125 Max p.s.i.
240 volts
15 amps

i wish to rebulid the pump and rewire and refit/replace any parts that need fixin'. yee-haw! i have disassembled the top of the pump section and found that the reed valves were completely burnt and rusted. they are also stuck open. there is a thick layer of burned oil on all internal surfaces and the tops of the pistons. surprisingly, the cylinder walls are quite smooth. hand turning the wheel with the head and belt off is not all that smooth though. it seems to hang up when the pistons are both in the middle of thier cycles (both at equal height, 1 traveling up,1 down).

sears has available exploded views of the entire compressor on their website. i need to come up with a complete list of all the parts necessary to get this thing running like a top again. i wish to order these parts and start putting it all back together pretty soon but i am having trouble figuring out what i need. i have never rebuilt one before.

do i need to take anything to the machine shop and have it sandblasted or honed out or something? any parts i plan to reuse need some serious cleaning and im not sure i can use the bottom half of the pump as is. i am guessing that i should replace rings and maybe pistons and also put in a new rod connector kit.

can you please offer some advice on these forementioned issues?

thank you in advance for your time and effort. much appreciated!!
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Sounds like a project and a half. Have you considered if it makes sense financially? You can get a brand new 3-4 hp pump for about $200. Otherwise you'll have to make sure everything is within the specified tolerances - you'll need drawings for that. I would spring for a new pump. Good luck.
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I would agree. Back when I was in maintenace, we tried rebuilding an old shop compressor and my crew did everything "by the book." When it was all said and done, the thing never worked right and we ended up replacing it anyway.

Compressors are so cheap now that they are almost throw away items when they finally quit. You may spend more money on replacement parts alone than purchasing a brand new one.

Either way, good luck. If anything, it will be a great learning experience.

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