blade left vs. blade right circular saw

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blade left vs. blade right circular saw

I'm eyeing the porter-cable mag circular saws, but am not sure if I want blade right or left. It seems that the vast majority of saws are blade right, but I did see one review where someone loved the blade left. I have never owned a circular saw so I can't really think which one would be better... any suggestions?
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Mostly a matter of taste. I prefer a regular skill saw with the blade on the right. A lot of people prefer the wormdrive saws that usually have the blade on the left. These seem to be particuarly popular on the west coast. I would say to go with the standard skill saw with the blade on the right since they are the most common in use.
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I prefer blade on left for most cuts.

With the saw in my right hand and the work to the right, the alignment marks are on my side of the saw. As well, if I have to pull the blade guard back, I don;lt have to reach over the saw to do it.

The only problem is when I am cutting close to an obstruction. I then have to use my left hand so the blade is closer to the wall or obstruction.

Just what is comfortable for me.
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I agree with nap. I use the PC left hand saw. You will never go back to a right blade once you use one. The only thing you have to remember is the weight will be on the right, now, and the majority of the sole plate will be on the right. Easy to get used to. You can see your mark and blade without looking over the bail.
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I have one of each, both professional-grade saws. The blade-left saw throws a bit more wood chip toward me, since I use it in my right hand. The blade-right saw is the one that I use most of the time - I can look between the motor and blade cover to see the cut line and seldom have to lift the retractable blade guard to make a cut. More often I have to get my foot off the cord when the saw gets hard to push.
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If you're right handed - buy a blade left saw, so you can see the line better.

I used a Dewault framers saw awhile back, I think they call it a hypoid saw - not a true worm-drive. It worked better than anything else I've used, and wasn't as heavy as the old skil worm-drives.
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worm drive

My saw of choice is the Bosch wormdrive. The blade is on the left so making cuts for right handers is easier. You can see the blade without trying to look around however be ready because there's nothing between you and the sawdust coming off the blade. The worm drives also have more power than the standard sidewinders. That being said I also have a makita sidewinder that has seen alot of action because I'm a lefty but the power of the worm drive makes it very worthwhile.
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Blade left and right

I use both types. I can see the blade and cut line better with the blade left. However, the weight of the saw is to the right, which means the work piece is on the right and must be secured, since I am right-handed.

When using the blade right, I can secure the work piece with my left hand while running the saw with my right hand, but the blade and cut line are more difficult to see.

It would be great if you could give both types a trial run before you decide.
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Blades on the left are best for right handers. The Dewalt saw rocks- I like it a lot better than my worm drive Skil Mag77.
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thanks guys!
I just bought a p-c 423 mag (left bladed- I'm right handed) and it is great!

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