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Wet Saw

What would be a good wet saw to buy? I don't want to have to sell the truck to pay for one, but I don't want a cheap $50 one. I heard the ones at home depot and lowes for around $100 are not really that good. They chip the tile, don't cut strait, get you really wet, fence is cheap, etc. I need to be able to cut granite also.
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I do some tile work, but not enough to justify upgrading at this time. I use the $100 tile saw and it works just fine. The saw doesn't chip the tile, the operator does.
If you plan on doing more than one room, invest in the $200 one in which the saw is sitting on top and slides through your work. The lesser one is mounted upside down, and picks up water from a pan and, unless you use the guard, you will have a racing stripe from your head to your waist before the day is over, as it will spit water and its contents on you, since the blade is moving toward you. With the movable motor, the blade is turning in the opposite direction, and works basically like a radial arm saw.
When you get through with it, you can probably sell it for 2/3 of what you paid for it.
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Well I have to do the floor in both my bathrooms, countertops in both bathrooms, jacuzzi tub shelf, granite tile countertops in my kitchen, sidewalk and patio floor tile, so I have alot to do. Which brand of $200 saw would you recommend? I like the ones that have the motor on top that don't get you wet.
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How about an angle grinder with a dry cut diamond tile blade? It'll cost less than the saw you're talking about and you'll have a very useful tool for other things when you're done. My tub saw is a Dewalt and I love it, but I've done entire jobs with just the side grinder. The cuts are only as straight as your hands are capable of, but just go slow and careful and it works great. They do tend to chip the edge some, but, if the cuts go under base or butt to a tub that gets caulk that's going to hide it, it doesn't matter. The chipping is fairly minor. If the cut edge will be visible, a wet saw does do a better job, but you can rent one for a day to do all the chip critical cuts. The grinder also works a lot better for cut outs such as wall sockets and so on.
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I have one of those $100 HD specials. I also could not justify a $400 saw. I have not had any chipping with mine. If I want to use the fence, I have to spnd an extra couple minutes setting it up so it's straight. My biggest objection is that it sprays water all over. You definately have to set it up outside.

Other than that it cuts very well. I was a little nervous when I renovated my fireplace a while back because I was using 1/4" thick granite tile. The tile store warned me it might not cut it; and, by the way, they had the expensive saws for sale! My HD special cut thru that granite like butter!!

The one thing that came in real handy once is the tilting top. I had to cut the edges of tile off at 45 degrees where tile went around a corner and the tilting top made that a piece of cake.

If you can accept the disadvantages, those cheap saws are not all that bad.
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Two advantages of the table-type saws you're looking at are that the size of the tile you can cut is virtually unlimited since there's no motor mount to clear and that when making a corner cut, you can cut all the way into the corner without effecting the appearance on the top of the tile. The advantages of the carriage saw with the motor mounted above is better control while holding the tile to a moving carriage and any water spray will go out the back of the saw away from the operator. If you consider a carriage saw, take into account how large a tile it can cut, including diagonal cuts. There aren't many that will cut a 12 inch or larger tile corner to corner for under $300.

I'm led to believe that the chipping is usually a function of the blade. As with most power tools, stock bits and blades are good enough to get you started, but you'll probably have better luck with a better blade made for cutting what you plan to cut.

If you're doing nothing but straight cuts on larger tiles, you might consider a manual tile cutter. You can get a pretty large one for under $100 and you don't have to deal with water, wet tiles and running outside to cut each one. I wouldn't suggest that for 1 or 2 inch tiles, but for larger tiles, it might be another option.

I just bought a $300 Husky THD950 from Home Depot. Haven't used it yet, but others have said it's an adequate saw for homeowner use and it will cut a 12 inch tile in half diagonally. I also ordered an MK Diamond Hot Dog blade online.

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I bought a wet saw from the link below. They have good prices and are very helpful and will not try and sell you a top of the line saw for diy projects that might get used about 4 times or so. Give them a call and let them know what you want to do and they will help you pick out a good saw in the price range you want to spend. I have no affiliation with them just a good experience.

They suggested a saw for me but I decided to spend a little extra money on a Felker, so if I decided to sell it I could get at least most of my money back.

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