resurrecting/recharging drill battery

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Question resurrecting/recharging drill battery

I have heard about a couple different methods of "resurrecting" or "recharging" batteries that won't hold a charge anymore, however, I don't know how to do it. Anyone out there know this "secret" method of fixing a drill battery that won't hold a charge?
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Sorry but it is such a good secret I don't thing anyone knows it.

When the insides of a battery degrade to the point the chemical reaction won't produce power no magic potion will change chemistry and physics.
Some will take a battery to a place that rebuilds them where they replace the cells but in a lot of cases the savings are marginal.
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Throw it away and buy a new one.
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See if you can find somewhere else besides a landfill for your package of chemicals aka the battery such as someone who recycles or collects them for recycling.

But bottom line is get a new one.There may be some instruction on preserving and extending battery life which might keep this from happening again for a longer period of time.
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Here's an old thread on the topic of batteries, and how some have "resurrected" them by replacing the bad cells. I'd just recycle them and get new packs.

I've heard that some guys will charge their batteries in a refrigerator to get a "better charge". That makes sense, because you should never have your charger in the sun or try to charge a hot battery. Keeping batteries inside a hot vehicle or such during the summertime shortens battery life bigtime. I'm sure cold temps in the winter also harm them. Probably says so in the battery manual somewhere... I seem to recall seeing that once.
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Thanks for the info fellas. I guess I am SOL. Stupid batteries are expensive though. Anyone want to donate a few bucks to me? Just kidding.
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Ni-Cads develop a shorting whisker between layers in the cell.. They can SOMETIMES be burned out by connecting a huge capacitor 40,000 or more MFD across the battery.. It's a good idea to wear a face shield, and any other protective gear you may have..
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Ive kick started a couple of ni-cads I have, but they become unreliable and I found it really isn't worth the effort.
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The best way to find out if your battery is done for is to do the following. Put it in a freezer for 24 to 36 hours, then try to charge it. If it does not hold a charge, throw it out.

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