Air Tool not running


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Air Tool not running

Hi to All.

Just a small request today. Does anyone have a schematic or some type of working drawings of air chisels? I cant seem to get this newer Coleman Powermate air chisel to work properly. I loaned it out to a fellow repair nut and I got it back and now it wont run. It flutters for a second and dies. I tried air tool oil, dismantling the unit and still no luck. I realize they're not expensive but this tool is like brand new and the tool manu. cliams that it is built to take a lot of punishment. Yeah right. It was used twice. Now what.
Any help is surely appreciated.
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IMO, these Coleman tools are cheap junk !
In other words, pitch it and go the HF.

But I owned a more expensive Maremont ?? tool and that failed as well - American made junk...
So I paid the $10 and bought one from Harbor Freight; this works well for the short term.
The Maremont was 20 years or so when it died...
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I have worn out a couple if inexpensive air chisels and my experience is that it really doesn't matter what name is on them.
That Coleman chisel could easily be of the same manufacturer as a more respected brand name.

One thing I have found that will stop an air tool more quickly that anything is a build up of gunk inside the tool.
WD-40 is the best product to use for cleaning air tools as it originally was developed for removing moisture from military firearms.

Just depress the trigger and flood the air inlet with WD-40 then hook up the air and see if it will begin hammering.
Make sure you get at least a couple of teaspoons of oil in the tool.
Put a rag in front of the air discharge or you will spray oil all over the place.
If this helps keep putting WD into the tool until it comes out clean.
One thing I have also found with air chisels is if the end just before where the chisel inserts becomes loose it will not hammer.

One more thing is if it won't start hammering right away is to have a chisel installed and while pressing the trigger bang the chisel end into a piece of scrap wood.
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Good advice, thank you...
My old Maremont was clean inside, now, I think a spring or ball is missing..
I have too much "near junk"..
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