Bosch 4000-09 table saw -- table not flat

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Bosch 4000-09 table saw -- table not flat

Hi all -

I've just bought a Bosch 4000-09 table saw, based on the many recommendations I've seen in numerous forums. In the process of aligning the saw, I've discovered to my surprise that the table isn't completely flat.

The problem is this: when I place a straight rule across the table, parallel to the blade but about 1" away from it, I find that the rule doesn't sit flat -- it rocks backward and forward, indicating that the table is higher in the middle than at the front or back. So, for instance, if I press down on the rule at the front of the table, it rises about 1mm off the table at the back -- and vice versa.

What's puzzling, however, is that if I try the same procedure, but with the rule at the edge of the table (i.e., still parallel to the blade, but as far from it as the table width will allow), the rule lies exactly flat along the table.

I've tried different rules, and even used the back of the rip fence, and in every case I get the same c. 1mm play in the center of the table.

My question to the forum is this: I'm a novice, and so don't know whether this sort of thing is acceptable. My father, who's a cabinet maker, says "no"; but he has experience of fixed saws rather than portable units like the 4000-09. Should I be giving Bosch a call?

On a different note, the miter slide doesn't fit tightly in its groove; there is enough room to fit a folded piece of paper in the gap. Again, is this acceptable, or should I complain?


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The looseness in the miter guide should not pose any problem but I surely wouldn't accept a warped top.

You would be surprised how being that much out will mess up a precision cut.

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