need some input about power miter saws

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need some input about power miter saws

I couldn't really find a better place,so I posted here.
I figured're bound to use one of these sooner or later.....
I have simple question,if you have experience using this piece of power equipment....
I need to purchase this tool.....
I have a question as to how the angle adjustment works.
I need to know before I make my purchase....
I see that some models have a detent set at specific angles.
Some models have more presets than others...

That's cool.... but what I want to know is....
Can I set the angle adjustment at any specific angle I need..??
Or am I stuck with just the preset angles??
I'm talking about the front movement of the lower fence area,where you determine the angle to be applied to the cut.
I'm doing custom brace additions,underneath some shop overhangs.. These overhangs are of 2x6 lumber.
I am adding brace support underneath,from the building up to the 2x6's.Each overhand is of a different angle,depending on the height that it tied into the building.
These braces are going to be three to four feet long,I'll be using a angle finder to determine the angle needed for proper fit.
These will all be simple angle cuts (no compound) cuts.
I'll need to be able to set the angle of cut at what ever I need...
I fill that the preset detents for angle adjustment,probably arent going to be what I need.
So....... I need to be able to set,and lock,the fence at what ever angle....
Are most of the Compound Miter Saws capable of preforming this type custom angle adjustment??
That is,I mean and lock securly into place???
I know what I want,I just have no experience with these type of saws.
My material will all be 2x4 white pine. I was thinking about a 10" sliding saw should be perfect.. I kinda like the idea of the newer laser line displays,but it isn't necessary.
I'm skeptical as to if the laser line can actually be counted on to be accurate....Or would it be better to actually look and make note of the blade contact area...
If I had to do that.....I don't see the sense of spending the extra for the laser line.
Lotta questions..... Thanks for your time and any reply..
Other readers replies welcomed as well........
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Mitre Saws

I will be as simple and brief as I can. There will be other opinions I am sure.

1. The fence does not adjust. The blade assembly swivels to set the angle.
2. The angle of cut is generally o to 50 degrees left or right.
3. The angle can be set at any angle between the above limits and locked for repeated cuts.
4. A 12 inch sliding compund mitre saw is the top of the line in features and price. The slider allows cutting wider stock.

I hope this helps. Post back with further questions. Good luck with your choice.
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Double post. See the answers in the other forum topic you posted in, too. The answers are basically the same. That's the beauty of blind answers. Cool.

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