weed whacker won't start


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My fairly new (December) Craftsman 31cc weedwhacker won't start. For a while, it started great, but once you stopped it, you couldn't restart it. Now it won't start at all. It seems to be flooding - gas comes out the exhaust and the plug was fouled. I've only run it for a few hours. I don't want to take it back to Sears because they'll just send it off somewhere for 2 weeks. Any tips?
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I have had the same problem with mine. :-)maybe we shouldn't buy craftsman any more:-) Mine seemed to be flooding really easily, try starting it without holding the grip on, and try it with the grip on, but the choke off. Let me know if you find a better way, I hate trying to restart that all the time!
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I too have a new Sears weed wacker. Just got it. No probs. I generally do not shut it off if moving to another part of the yard. Try restarting with no choke, no priming and do not squeeze the throttle. Mine starts ok in this instance. Good luck. PS I find Sears quite receptive on returns and requests for repair at no cost.

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By all means do return any gas powered equipment purchased at Sears back to Sears.

Especially if it's NEW.

This will always be a free repair. It's also one way Sears can notify their supplier of a problem.

The weeds will wait the time needed to make the repairs, trust me. :-)

Good Luck

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2 Tips:

I had a Sears Craftman chain saw for a little over a year that I was having problems with. I took it back to Sears and insisted on an immediate replacement.

In short, the manual that came with my saw, stated that I had the choice of sending it in for service or having it replaced!

Tip # 1: read your warranty!

I had a Toro (gas) weed whacker that I used infrequently, and also had problems starting it and flooding, etc.

Tip # 2:

It turns out that here in the Calif Bay Area where we live, they were putting an additive into the gasoline (for cleaner air).

Well, I was told that this additive makes the gas turn stale, which in turn causes small machinery to be hard-starting. (no problem with normal vehicles)

The recommendation is to drain the gas after each use when the machine will not be used for a while.

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To All Concerned Parties, In This Forum, Who Are Having Small Engine Hard RESTARTING Problems Or Any Small Engine Problems.

If your having difficulties RESTARTING your gasoline powered small engine after just using it, it is NOT caused by the gasoline additive MTBE.

MTBE however, is in fact going to keep YOU from restarting someday...:-( It is a known toxic and is causing air and water pollution.
This is NOT opinion. This is FACT.

MTBE won't cause hard RESTARTING problems.
A long time span of weeks between startups will cause ANY two cycle engine to be hard starting. Fact is: It may not start at all. ALL gasoline will go sour with enough time.

<The tips here are to always use fresh gasoline and start that engine and run it weekly if you do not run it dry. Do not store the fuel and oil mix any longer then one month. If you use a small amount, mix only what you can use in a month.>

Therefore, if your problem is difficulty RESTARTING a small engine and the item is NEW, do return it. It's worth the wait for it to be serviced. It's most likely a simple carburetor and / or timing adjustment.

If the item has been running fine and suddenly quits or refusses to easily START or RESTART, post your questions in the NEW FORUM called SMALL ENGINES on this site in the section called Outdoor. <Two sections below this forum.>

Smokey will be happy to help you.


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