Reciprocal Saw Recommendation


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Hey all, just curious if anyone has any experience using the DeWalt 24 cordless 24 volt reciprocal saw. I just received one for the holidays and I'm wondering if the battery based unit is really wrth the extra price. Any opinions out there?
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Markvi: Yes it is worth the cost. I would
also get at least one extra battery. This is a very good unit, but it does take power to run. good Luck

Jack the Contractor
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Hi, yes Jack is right it is well worth it, the Dewalt is an excellent d-i-y tool but the batteries do run out when least exspected especially when your half way through the job, so always have an extra battery charged and ready to go, but when the battery runs out make sure that it is fully discharged ie no power left in it, because the battery has a memory and if you recharge a battery that is not fully dicharged then the battery will only charge from this point and that then is where it will always charge from, untill you get to the point that the battery will not charge at all because the charge has been getting less and less with time, and they are not cheap to replace, hope this helps a little, Handyman

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Hi Markvi

I just finished reading the two prior reply postings, "from the pro's who would know," to answer your question. All I could add is, you got the best advice!

Work safely and enjoy the versatility of that type of saw too.

Only one problem for those of us in the 'sharpening industry' with that type of power tools blades...they can't be sharpened and make a profit...:-( :-(


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Hi Markvi.

Do you have no power (120V) where you will be using it?


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