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I've been hearing a lot about the "Roto Zip" lately and was wondering if it is everything it is cracked up to be. I want to do some remodeling in my house and it seems like a tool that would make clean cuts without cracking my plaster walls.
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Hi. I've had a RotoZip spiral saw for a couple of years. For its ability to make simple or complex cuts in drywall, plaster, countertops and trim, fiberglass, concrete backerboard, and even tile, it is probably the most versatile tool I've ever owned. It is fast, lightweight, and it works in tight areas as well.

If your walls are plasterboard, the tool will easily make any cutout within seconds. If the walls are plaster and wood lath, cutouts will take longer (and will require extra spiral bits due to greater wear when cutting wood), but it will still be easier and faster than using a drill and a keyhole saw. If the walls are plaster and metal lath, then you could use the RotoZip to cut out the plaster, but it will not cut the metal. You would not save much time or effort here, since cutting out the metal lath (with a small hacksaw or other tool) will be the hardest part.

Bottom line: If you need to make several cutouts in drywall or plasterboard or in plaster over wood lath, you'd save a lot of time and effort using a RotoZip, and you wouldn't have to worry about plaster cracks (but the cutting does create a lot of fine dust). For plaster over metal lath, the RotoZip will not be of much help. Or, if you only have a few cutouts to make, the cost of the RotoZip (@ $70 for SCS01) may not be justified.

More info on the various models and capabilities of the RotoZip spiral saw can be found at www.rotozip.com .

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