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I've just been leafing through an older book on power tools (H. E. Horten, _Woodworking Machines_, pub'd C.R. Books, 1962), and its section on drills really caught my eye. "Undoubtedly the drill is the most versatile of all electric hand power tools," proclaimed the first sentence, and it went on to substantiate that claim by insisting (with illustrations, even) that drill accessories were available to turn hand drills into everything from light drill presses to pruning saws to hand planes to table saws (yes, *table* saws) to powered LAWNMOWERS!

Where have all these funky add-ons vanished to? It's not hard to see why some--such as the lawnmower setup--are gone; you'd have to carry an extension cord looped around your arm, and the drill's plug would get caught on shrubbery anyway, etc. Gas is definitely better. But I sure would be interested in some of the other attachments--for example, the little plane doo-hickey that the book shows. Anyone out there know if any of these old-time attachments/jigs are still available?

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The book is correct. There was lots of add on accessories to the hand held drill. Most of these add ons accessories can be found in antique stores and in collectors collections.

The reason why many of these add on attachments are no longer made is because individual power tools can be made for better specialization, applications and CORPORATE PROFITS!

Not much PROFIT in attachments. Lots of profits in selling individualized and specialized power tools....:-)


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Tom--thanks for the info. I thought maybe there was some specialty company out there that made such items, but I guess the almighty dollar dictates otherwise...


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