Who makes todays best cordless tools?


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Who makes todays best cordless tools?

Years ago I jumped on the opportunity of buying a 18v Makita cordless drill new for 80 bucks. I loved Makita, have many of their tools(some older then me) and would take Makita over Milwuakee anyday. Though I do have a Milwuakee Sawzall and it is awsome. Regardless this Makita has been through hell and back. I would have burnt out drill presses doing what i did with this drill. Chunks of metal started flying out of the motor and it still worked great for another year. Its finally dieing, 5 years later. Could just be the battery for all I know. My buddy stripped the transmission on 3 28v milwuakee drills before my Makita finally died.

These new "lighter" Lithium Ion tools seem to all be of lesser quality. I saw the new Makita strip out on the job site weeks after it was purchased. This leads me to believe everything out there nowadays is junk. "They don't make them like they used to".

Any good brands left out there? I was thinking of going Rigid because of their reputation in plumbing, quality of shop vacs, and lifetime warranty. Tho I hear they are doing away with the warranty, which scares me. I use Rigid's version of the Milwuakee "Hole Hawg" and it puts Milwuakee's hole hawg to shame.

Bosch is another brand I have faith in.

I need a good cordless hammer drill that I can use everyday. I'd be interested in getting a kit with a sawzall and circular saw.

It's hard to jusge this new stuff. Whats everyones favorite brand? Quality wise?
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Personally, I'm a Bosch and Milwaukee fan. Have a 1/2" Bosch hammer drill that can't be killed, but I have Milwaukee sawsall and cordless drill that are 6-7 yrs. old and still run great.
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The best all around battery tool for one person is not necessarily right for another. What I need now at my older age is a lot different then what I needed when younger. How much you use a battery tool has a lot to do with how and what you buy. I have had Sears,Porter Cable,Dewalt, Ryobi and Makita over the years. All were really great tools. Here is what I have found now that I have retired. The best all around drill for me now is Ryobi. The reason is the 18 volt regular battery system will last me about 2 years before the batteries start going south. The drills do a good job and the batteries usually last me to finish the job which allows me to recharge them after each use. I know Ryobi are not commercial tools and would probably not stand up to commercial use but for my retired use the value is hard to beat. Batteries can be purchased for half that of the big boys and during the holidays you can catch specials where you can buy a compete drill outfit for the same price of a battery. So to me the best battery tool is not necessarily the best made but one that fits the needs,cost and overall use by the owner.
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I basically started with rigid, I was a die hard corded tool guy. So my tools are about 6 or 7 years old. The drills have gone off of a 20' roof, drilled hundreds of holes in concrete (in hammer mode), and other than a new set of batteries, they are still working. They show their are, but I have been impressed. Their warranty is not all it's cracked up to be, never tried to use it, but other I know have and had to fight.

Here is one of my big issues. On big job sites there is always a spot where all of the chargers get set up. What a pain if you have six different brands of tools. I have "tried" to stay with just one, but still have a senco and ryobi for special tools. So look at the selection of tools you will need and choose the brand that covers most of the bases.

PS I know of a few who have purchased the Rigid lithium tools and have had power and battery problems. That's why I chose to catch some new ni cads on sale. I'll wait for the lithium's to work out their issues.


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