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I have heard of a technique to sharpen woodworking chisels that uses sandpaper mounted on a piece of glass. How exactly does this work (ie. grit of paper, angle used, etc.)? Is is any better than a wet-stone or diamond stone? Thanks for your insight.
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FROM TOM BARTCO - forum Moderator


That's correct. Sandpaper can be used to sharpen wood chisels. One can sharpen almost
any flat blade on sandpaper. Even a rotary lawn mower blade. That's if you have plenty of
time to waste.

If not, check in the archives section in this form about using a belt sander for this item.
<You'll be glad you did, trust me.>

The glass is there only to provide as flat a surface as possible. Use automotive grease to
hold the sandpaper to the glass surface. Place the glass surface on your work bench.

If your positive you want to hand sharpen your chisles <you won't be, trust me> start by
matching the angle of the cutting surface to the sandpaper, then start sharpening with a
coarse 100 grit.

Slide the cutting edge forward into the sandpaper. Not backwards towards the handle and
never sideways!

When your satisfied the cutting edge is as sharp as it was when it was new, as true and
squared as new, finish by honing it to a razors edge with a finer 200 grit.

Once you have finished the first chisel, repost the results here. I'll check back for it...which
should be about a month from now...haha

Good Luck.
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Thanks for the input. I will be giving it a try & will post the results when I am done.
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Well, it has been sometime since my original post & thought I would let you know the results of the sharpening. Yes, it is a time consuming process, but that being said, I will definitely continue doing my chisels this way! I started with a 320 grit paper that was attached to a 12"x12" piece of plate glass with spray temporary adhesive and worked my way up to a 1500 grit paper. The results are nothing short of amazing! The bevel & back of the chisel look like mirrors and they cut like a dream. I am very glad to have tried this.
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Thank you Whitey
I have been a carpenter over 40 years and find I have used a "grinder" only a few times to take out a big nick I should not have put in to a chisel. If you need to "belt sand" your chisels need to learn how to use and take care of your tools, a properly sharpened chisel will, can and should be touched up as needed when used....I have chisels that are older than I that are hollow ground and never been an a grinder sense new cut wood like butter and the works shows.....all clean cuts, no over cuts, no bruised wood from a dull tool.......Tool sharpening is a must learn trade if you want to work with sharp tools, most sharpening shops will grind, belt sand and send back as sharp....Whitey you just took it to the next step that all wood workers to learn,,,,"take good care of your tools and they will take care of you."....GOOD JOB WELL DONE

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