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I've been searching stores and web sites looking for a whetstone and angle guide to sharpen wood chisel and plane blades and came upon this forum. I like the idea of using sand paper but since I don't have a belt sander I will have to try it by hand. I thought that the cutting angle was criticle and varied among blade types. I hate to rely on eyeballing if this is true. Any way to make an adjustable angle guide, where I can buy one or just go by feel?
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Angles do vary on chisles. For most users the chisels angle isn't all that critical. Just follow the existing angle and it will work just fine once it's sharpened and honed to a razors edge.

Doing the sharpening by hand you will quickly find holding the chisel with the first finger on the end will help keep it flat against the sanding paper.

Try sharpening your chisels by hand. It's a worthy adventure to past the time. Read the postings just prior to yours from Whitey.

In the industry there are wet and dry type sanders for tools such as chisles and planner blades, etc. Not cost effective for the average homeowner or hobbist to invest in one.

You may find a wet sander for home use handy to have. Those are availible in the larger chain retail hardware stores.

In my shop I have several machines for tools such as chisels but I still rely on my belt sander, my calm hands and keen eyes for those type of tools. It takes lots of practice to do it this way.

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