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I am sure all of us have multiple sets of gloves that we use for different purposes from time to time. Work glove, gardening gloves, chemical gloves and the like. I try to keep mine organized in a drawer in my work room but still it seems like a waste of space and a pain to quickly get the pair I need at that particular time. Any one have any good solutions or seen any products for organizing gloves?
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The best I have been able to do is a plastic tub where any stray glove/s, single or double, can be saved and hopefully end up matching it's other half when someone needs a pair. At least it is stored away where it can be found, unlike the left not knowing were the right is hiding.

Now if you want to talk socks, I had the wife buy 40 pairs of identical white socks, in a style that has remained the same for over 30 years (allowing for replacements). I have a few black for dress, but I no longer have to match pairs of socks ).

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I keep my various pairs of gloves safety pinned together at the cuffs - this keeps them paired. Sorry, that's all I've got.
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Clip them together with a binder clip and then hang them on a nail or from a pegboard. Binder clips available at any office supply store.

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