quiet air compressor? APC 4406 Quiet Zone Compressor


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Lightbulb quiet air compressor? APC 4406 Quiet Zone Compressor

Hope someone can help.

I'm about to pull the trigger and by this unit because of reviews stating how quiet it is. Per All Power America website this unit is very quiet. I live in a town home complex and the regular loud compressors can't be an option. A nice 30 gallon would be great, but I have to improvise. A 4.2 CFM @ 90psi is perfect for just what I need it for. Mostly painting small projects on my motorcyle, and maybe an air ratchet here and there, nothing big.

Does anyone have experience with this unit or something similar in the "quite zone"? Your feedback is appreciated.


All Power America

Examples of Sound Pressure Levels:
0 dB Threshold of Hearing
10 dB Anechoic Chamber [Soundproof Room]
20 dB Extremely Quiet Recording Studio
30 dB Soft Whisper
40 dB Quiet Auditorium
50 dB Average House
55 dB APC 4406 Quiet Zone Compressor
60 dB Average Conversation
70 dB Alarm Clock
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Welcome to the forums!

I have no personal knowledge about that compressor but generally the oil less compressors are the nosier ones

I do have my doubts about any compressor that size [tank] being useful for painting. Paint guns and sanders/grinders usually eat up the most cfm. While a sander can still work [at reduced speed] on less cfm, with painting not enough cfm means the paint won't atomize correctly = spits instead of sprays

I understand that you would be using a jamb gun instead of the larger spray cup gun used for spraying larger surfaces but I'm not sure those little tanks would have enough reserve to make painting a viable option. Check the cfm rating of the paint gun you intend to use to see if it's compatible.

If you just intend to use an air brush - that compressor should work fine.
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thanks for the insight marksr...

yeah it's for real small details nothing crazy. just a small airbrush type of gun.

i've been told to watch for cfm ratings and all that jazz, the one particular gun i was at one time complating is this one below... but decided to just work with an airbrush.

it requires 3.4 SCFM at 40 PSI. Wt. 1.3 lbs... so if this tank really puts out 4.2 [email protected] psi i should be ok??

Craftsman 15002 Detail Touch-Up Spray Gun

Non-bleeder-type spray gun
has 1 pint canister. Features a
machined brass air cap and a fluid
tip. Separate fluid and air controls
allow fine adjustment. External mix
spray nozzle provides a fine finish.
Has a universal lever for left or righthand
use. Storage hook. Requires
3.4 SCFM at 40 PSI. Wt. 1.3 lbs.
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An air brush and a touch up [door jamb] gun aren't the same. Most air brushes have a small glass "jar" that holds the paint [maybe 1/4 pint?] and work at very low pressure - 20-25 psi. An air brush is mostly used for art work.

According to the specs, that compressor should operate sear's touch up gun..... I'm just skeptical of 4.6 gallon tank being big enough to operate a spray gun for longer than a little bit. When an air compressor uses up cfm faster than it can replace it, you have no choice but to stop and let it catch up.
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well i purchased it, i bought it at sears and the sales tech said i would be ok for really small jobs. he gave the same explanation about questioning how long the tank would really hold so that i'm not waiting in between sprays. although it's a small tank the cfm rating is higher than the avg 3-4 gallon air compressors which range in the 2cfm range, so in that sense it's a benefit but will be limited to extended usage.

i think at a very minimum i'm just giong to really use it to inflate my tires and to detail clean my cars. we'll see.

i'll keep everyone posted on my experience once it's shipped. 10 days and counting.
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I'm really looking forward to hearing what you have to say about this unit. I do a lot of airbrushing and am looking for a new compressor, but would like to keep the noise down as I tend to work for long periods and don't have the space to for the compressor in another room. I'm looking to make the leap within the next week myself.

A couple of quick hints...

Don't forget to follow the manufacturers instructions for breaking in the compressor. This is one of the most important things you can do as it properly seats the brushes on the motor and the piston rings of the pump. Failure to take this step can greatly reduce the performance and lifespan of your compressor. I believe it's 15 minutes on with the tank drain open, but check the manual.

The CFM listed for this compressor is 5.2 cfm at 40psi or 4.2 cfm at 90psi. Assuming that the manufacturer is accurate, this will be more than sufficient to run a standard airbrush and should be fine for running a small detail HPLV gun (usually have a 100 cc cup) for small jobs. If you don't own your gun yet check the CFM requirements prior to purchasing to match the gun to your compressor capabilities.

Just remember that if the compressor is running hard to keep up with the air use, you need to take a break so it can catch up and cool down. A good rule of thumb is to have the motor running no more than 50% of the time, but preferably 25% (less is better). Also, don't forget a moisture trap if you're using it for painting. Nothing is more frustrating than killing hours of work with water splattering all over your art.

Really looking forward to your initial review
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All i have to say is.... AWESOME MACHINE!!! This thing puts out decent power and I was even able to remove a couple bolts when taking my tire off and also did work with a mini power ratchet (tools with under 4.0 cfm ratings). I mean obviously there are times that i needed to wait for the tank to refill but overall for small jobs, it was more than decent. Because it's pretty quiet, recharging WASN'T A LOUD task, and my town home community wasn't yelling at me to shut the *** up. I would compare the loudness like taking a screwdriver and tapping it on a metal object. It's suprisingly quiet. This will have more than enough power for airbrushing. But for big paint jobs, I put that project on hold, but I don't expect there to be any issues, the impact wrench had no problems!!

So unless you are looking for continuous power for power tools, like needed for extensive automotive jobs, don't get this machine, but to remove a couple bolts here and there, this unit is definitely A+++

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