I just fixed my Ryobi 18 volt battery for nothing!! Not spam


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I just fixed my Ryobi 18 volt battery for nothing!! Not spam

Hi all,
after considering paying 60 dollars for two batteries for my ryobi tools I started looking on the net for a possible solution. Having played with some RC quality boats with extreme overvolting and such I knew there was a way to wake up these Ni-Cad batts. Anyhow found numerous websites and youtube videos showing how to zap your batteries. You use your own judgement cause this can be dangerous.
I first took my 18 volt nicad apart and checked the voltage each individual cell and found like 8 out 16 cells reading 0000 volts and the others read 1.2. this battery would not charge and hardly would turn my drill.
I am not going to make a tutorial here cause I would think someone might not like it, but this was easy to do, just look around on the net.
I do not recommend the welder method, seems a little much. I just used my other 18 volt batt. What you do basically is zap each cell that is showing no volts. Positive to positive and negative to negative. Just stike wire across the cell like three times it will spark, then check your voltage, mine immediately went to 1.3 volts and after reassembly the pack charges fine and my flashlight ran for over an hour and my drill I ran for 10 minutes no torque and the pack still read over 17 volts. It lasts longer than my good one does.
Do at your own risk, please read, read, read!! to understand what you are doing!! I just wanted to share this, and if the moderators do not like then please feel free to delete. I really do not want anyone to get hurt.
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I also was looking to resurrect my 19.2 battery for craftsman drill. Actually I was hoping to replace the batteries in the pack but never found a viable solution. I did read about the welder method. What I did was zap my dead battery pack with my 12 volt battery charger and then plug it in the battery pack charger. Just like boosting off a car, connect negative to neg and positive to pos. It only takes a second or so.

Previously that battery pack wouldn't take a charge but has been working ok for the last 6 months or so. Right off the charger that battery pack does just as good as my new battery pack but used or not - it will be dead in 1-2 days.

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