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what's the best way to remove a stripped screw? Has anyone had as much trouble as I have trying to remove such screws. It's a real pain and I don't want to damage the wood.
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Go to a home center or hardware store. They sell bits called screw exractors for this very purpose. You use them with your drill.
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Also, if you have a "Moto-tool" or such, you can use the small cutting wheel and cut a new slot in the screwhead. Usually with very little dammage to the wood! There is also a product called"Screw Medic" that contains very small "grindings" of silicone carbide in an oil base that help increase the screwdriver's "traction" quite a bit! You might find it at someplace like Home Depot. Make sure that your screwdriver "bit" is new and sharp and press hard and "ease" the screw out!

Good Luck!

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