Stud Finder on Carpet- (Squeaky Floors)


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I realize this may be a basic tool question, but I cannot seem to get my stud finder to find floor joists underneath a relatively thin carpet on the 2nd story.

I am using a new Stanley IntelliSensor Stud Finder, which works just fine on wall studs. Do I need a more expensive stud finder for floors? (I paid $10 for the Stanley)

I am trying to find floor joists to secure squeaky boards through the carpet. On HGTV,I saw "Squeeeek No More" used, and thought I would give it a try-- inserts screws through carpet into the joists, screws break off at floor level, leaving no evidence.

Any thoughts on stud finder & squeaky floors?

Thanks in advance,

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I use a stanley stud finder for the same thing, only mine is a 16 oz. stanley hammer. Just tap on the floor until you hear a solid sound and you are probably over a stud. You will at least be very close. If you put a screw in, you will know right away whether it hit a stud or not. If it did not, move 1/2" in either direction and try again. The only penalty is wasting some screws finding the first screw. Once you find one stud, measure 16 inches from that screw, and it should be in the next stud.

Works for me!!

Good Luck,


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