Difference between impact wrench and impact driver?

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Difference between impact wrench and impact driver?

I watch some of the DIY shows on TV where they use what I assume is an impact driver for framing, decks and general carpentry. You hear that rat tat tat noise as it drives the screw in. I assume this tool has only just come out in the last few years. I've always used a variable speed corded drill for the few times I'll done carpentry work to drive screws. How much better are these impact drivers? And what's the difference between that and impact wrenches?
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Impact drivers are normally cordless, one handed tools and have a hex quick connect socket...normally 1/4" I believe. So you switch between bits much like a cordless drill. Normally used for screws and smaller/lesser quantities of lag bolts in wood construction.

Impact wrenches are much bigger and have much higher torque. Most are air powered though they do make electric. The have a square drive like a socket wrench and come in the same sizes, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, etc. Mostly used for mechanical work, but the electrics can be useful for thing like bolting timbers or lagging a board onto the side of a foundation.

I haven't got a driver yet as I just don't have the need, but playing around with them they work much better than a drill. Less stripout and normally they are slimmer for tight spots. Also generate about double the torque of a typical cordless drill.
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Vic pretty well summed it all up. Once you use a cordless driver, you will be hooked, with no hope of recovery. I don't think I have used my cordless drills as a screw driver in 2 years. Don't even know why I keep them around. Using drivers every day, all day long, the weight factor alone sold me. Accuracy in driving and no run out is a plus.
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I bought a kit that had a 18v drill and 18v impact driver. I didn't use the driver for about a year. Didn't really understand why I would use it.

Tried it for the first time and now have built two decks on my house with it and screwed in many, many sheets of drywall with it.

I love the bloody little thing. It's light to carry around too! Almost never use the drill now..

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