Ramset Hammer Hit: Won't fire nail, can't unload either

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Unhappy Ramset Hammer Hit: Won't fire nail, can't unload either

Need some help...

1) Loaded the nail properly (plastic flanges just inside barrel, nail point facing down/out)

2) As far as I know, I loaded the bullet/charge correctly (in my case, green tip into cartridge hole, leaving a bit of the cartridge sticking out for the tool to finish setting).

3) Set tool onto wood (attaching sill plate to concrete)

4) Fully depressed tool (can see indentation in wood)

5) Struck strike plate on top of tool with hammer and winced, expecting loud noise...




Opened barrel to attempt to dispose of what I assumed was a dud charge... No charge to be seen. No nail in wood (nail still in ramset), no visible cartridge in tool to dispose of (not going digging)...

"Note: It is a good practice to fully extend the
barrel and re-chamber the load after the tool is
improperly struck causing a misfire, and after
the misfire procedure has been followed."

Tried to do that...


Tool is currently alone in my backyard, pointed at ground.

I heard a pop a few moments ago, suppose it might have been it finally discharging? After I hit it a couple times with the hammer (figured I must not have hit it hard enough the first time and yes, this would be my initiation with the tool), I did smell a bit of something but it could have been saw dust on my light that was just warming up too...

Help please.

Ok, so I went out to see if the charge had perhaps gone off on a delayed schedule, and when I tried to open the barrel to dispose of the charge (not sure if I'm using the right terms here, but..), it did not slide (stuck). So, I reset the tool on a chunk of wood and tried again with the hammer. One strike, nothing.

I'm a bit paranoid at this point.


"Caution: Constant overdrive will damage the tool beyond repair. For technical
assistance or service information call 1-877-ITW-BRANDS (1-877-489-2726).
Note: When overdrive occurs, the piston may jam
into the front barrel. In this case be sure the tool
is unloaded, turn the tool upside down and place
on the work surface. Strike the exposed piston
with a hammer until it moves downward into the
barrel. Reset the piston. Wear safety goggles when
performing this task."

I would love to try this, but I can't "unload" either the nail or the charge.

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The blank charge probably became dislodged and is smashed inside the gun or fell out without you noticing it.

With the tool in a vertical position, open the gun fully. If the charge is not seated in the chamber that it fits into, then (with the gun open) turn the chamber upside down and see if it's smashed against the firing pin on top. If not, it probably fell out somewhere along the way.

What happens sometimes is that you put the charge in, and then when you go to close it, if you do it too fast or if you turn it sideways as you close it, the shell can come out and get smashed when you strike it. It's not a big deal, just put another charge in, keep the gun vertical, set it where you want to drive it, then close the gun chamber slowly, keeping downward pressure with your left hand on the handle. Then it will just take a good tap with your hammer to set it off.

If you can't get the tool open, the shell is probably smashed and wedged in the chamber. Putting one end in a vise, or a vise-grips while pulling the handle up will probably get it to open. It might just take a little muscle to pull the two sliding pieces apart.
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I have had charges separate side from base and the base stays lodged against the firing pin. It won't fire after that until you remove the trash. It takes a long pick to get the base out. Remember, too, this is like a firearm. It needs to be cleaned and lubricated after use. Lubricating with gun oil will help keep the parts from being dry and sticking.
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This particular tool belongs to a friend and is rather used, so I'm uncertain how (well) he cares for it. It is a bit stiff and clunky, so maybe that was part of it.

I unscrewed the nail chamber and removed the nail... And eventually, with enough force, managed to unjam the piston and dislodge the cartridge, which was twisted and squished, and then some. I assume I just didn't strike it square enough or.. who knows. I haven't had any further issues and finished the bottom plate attaching.

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