Snap On PTR700G 3/8" Air Rachet


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Hello all. Wondering if anyone out there has some tips for helping me fix the above air rachet.

Believe it or not, I found this thing in the street ( and it appeared to be in good shape. It was snowy and rainy when I found it, so let's assume that some moisture got into it. I thought at first it had a broken exhaust deflector, but on further investigation the throttle pin (the piece that is supposed to shoot out and contac the throttle paddle) seems to be stuck. What I thought was a crack in the exhaust deflector is actually how it is supposed to be, because this is where the tool exhausts air.

I had Snap On fax me the parts breakdown for it, and upon further investigation, the rachet retails for about 300 bucks new (they still make it, and my guess is this one is a 1998 model). I'd like to fix it myself if I can. I plan on taking it apart at work in our laboratory, but was wondering if you guys/gals had any tips.

My first plan of attack (based on a friend that used to repair them) is to look at the throttle bushing/spring at the paddle area. Since the tool just exhausts air, I'm guessing the bushings/springs are frozen in place.

Thanks for any replies
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Won't Snap-On warranty it for you?
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Thanks for the reply. No, air tools are warrantied for only one year from Snap On. Based on the serial #, it is easily about 3 years old.

I got it apart today and think I know what the trouble is. I'll report back with the solution when I've got it .

Any other thoughts are appreciated.
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Talking Update: Fixed :)

Thanks to all that replied on my troubles with my "new found treasure", the above air rachet. Yes, I found it in the street. Being a 300 dollar item new from Snap On, and actually getting help from the corporate office (having them fax the exploded view of the parts to me), I figured it behooved me to fix this one .

Well, after a couple of afternoons of fiddling with it, along with the help of my diligent colleagues at work, I now have a running PTR700G .

I can't say what it was exactly, but:

1) I installed one new O ring. 40 cents from the hardware store . The other I had at work, no charge
2) I cleaned the vanes of the pump and cleaned the whole thing.
3) I ran Tool oil through it.
4) I cleaned the exterior of the thing.
5) The throttle pin and spring were seemingly stuck, so I cleaned and lubed those. Great throttle pressure now.

Total in parts : .40 and about 4 hours of time. I learned something in the process as well. Should work nicely when I get the compressor hooked up.

Thanks for all assistance!


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