Craftsman leaf blower won't start


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Craftsman leaf blower won't start

A couple of weeks ago I used the blower and shut it down to take a break. It had run perfectly fine at that point. When I tried to start it again about 30 minutes later (and many times since then), it did not even sputter.
I read through all the other posts about Craftsman blower starting issues here and already checked the following:

- exhaust port is clean
- cylinder moves and has compression
- cylinder bolts are not loose
- has spark
- spark plug is new
- does not start when I spray gas into the cylinder
- primer bulb seems to draw air somewhere

When I pull the starter, it actually feels completely dead, like it would without a spark, but I confirmed that I have a spark. Odd is that it does not start when I spray gas into the cylinder.
Still, I suspect that it is the carburator or fuel system. I took the carburator apart and may have damaged the fuel pump diaphragm. I just ordered $70 worth of parts (with shipping) - carb, fuel line kit, fuel filter, gasket kit, and while I am at it, a spare new spark plug and air filter.

A new leaf blower is listed for $82 on the Sears site. This repair attempt does not seem to make much sense financially, but I just can't bring myself to throwing it out. Is there anything I need to know before I replace the carburator?
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Been there - done that. Had the same exact problem with my fathers Craftsman (Poulan) leaf blower. Took the carb off, cleaned it put it back on and ir ran fine. A month or so later it wouldn't start again. I replaced the carb with a new one and it didn't help. I noticed that the two screws that hold the carb on are into a plastic. One wouldn't tighten all the way.....stripped out. I used gorilla glue on threads. Waited til dried. Next day started and ran great with old carb. A month goes by and it won't start again. Now carb screw is loose again. I order the gasket kit and the new plastic mounting block. I installed all the parts and the unit started up and ran for several weeks. Now the unit is in the "great leaf blower in the sky" resting place.

I have since read that a loose head bolt may have been to blame.
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I replaced the carburator, gas filter, spark plug, gaskets, no change, it will not start. I see a spark and there are no loose screws. I am at my wits' end ... but after investing all that time and money, how can I not try to still it now? Will take it to a local shop and see what they can do.
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Craftsman should have some sort of guarantee with their tools. I have sent back tons of things and gotten a complete replacement NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Give it a whirl Earl.
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Craftsman 200MPH blower problems

i know this is late but I just had the same problem with my blower. Has a spark, gets gas, but won't start. After reading this thread, I checked for loose carb or head screws and found everything tight.

One thing did occur to me and I'm going to pursue it. While removing the plastic cover over the head I noticed that the spark plug wire had, by necessity, a sharp bend in it. Could it be that we're seeing spark when testing because the wire is not bent but not getting spark when the plug is installed because the wire is bent??

I'm going to replace my plug wire and will report back on the outcome.

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