best option for sharpening drill bits?

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best option for sharpening drill bits?

dull drill bits and trips to home depot for $$ bits are starting to bother me. whats the best option for sharpening drill bits. i see "drill doctor" referred to a lot, but its rather pricy. does this really work and is it worth the investment?

what brand/type is the best "all around" bit that can do especially well in metal if sharpened properly.

that aside does anyone know of a good on line site for buying reasonably priced bits?

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You think the Drill Doctor is expensive? Check out a Darex sharpening machine and you will beg for the Drill Doctor.

For on-line merchants do the Google boogle using machine shop supplies for the search term. Lots of choices.
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Years ago I bought a drill bit holder/sharpening guide. It held the bit at the right angle to be sharpened. I don't know what happened to it, these days I usually just sharpen the bit by eyeball - works most of the time

Harbor Freight has a Drill Doctor imitation that isn't expensive. I don't remember the price.
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I used to sharpen bits the way I was taught, by eye, and that worked fine for a long time, but things change as far as steadiness, vision, etc., so I bought a Drill Doctor maybe 10 years ago. I looked at different ones, and believe that there are better ones available, but, as Furd mentioned, the prices go up from there, so I decided to try the DD, and have been very satisfied with it. I have never been able to master 1/8" bits with it, and have talked with others who have the same problem, but those are hard by hand as well, so I treat them as throw aways, keep extras around, and it handles the rest fine. As far as cash payback, or whatever, I have no idea, but in terms of knowing that my bits are ready to go when I need one, I will definitely buy one at least comparable when this one is worn out.
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After being a doubting Thomas for many years about the Drill Doctor, I decided to give it a shot. After all, drill bits at a few dollars each starts to build up over time.

I kept dull bits because I could not bear to discard them. Of course, they never got sharper in the drawer. I could never get the hang of sharpening them by hand.

Now, I can always have a sharp bit. After you have sharpened a few of them, it is a simple process to have a sharp bit in a minute. Much less time is required than to go to the hardware store.

I paid under $100. It is one of best accessory tools in the shop.

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I have a Drill Doctor as well and would buy it again.
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I haven't used mine in quite a while, but need to dust it off and touch up a bunch of my bits. Works pretty well.

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