Carbide Bits?


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Hi --

I have a bunch of worn small-diameter carbide-tipped masonry bits. Is there any way I could economically sharpen them?

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Green Wheel


About the only home work shop economical method is to do the sharpening by hand. Therefore, you can do it. It takes some practice but it can be done.

Steel drill bits are about the first tool bit to learn to sharpen by hand. If you have a few of those to practice on try them first.

The carbide bits you have are a good tool to learn how to sharpen on if you don't mind distroying one or two.

For carbide bits, you'll have to buy a "green wheel". This item is simalar to a grinding wheel except it's dished and green in color. It can be installed on most bench top grinders.

With a green wheel, the sharpening isn't exactly as good as it would be with a diamond wheel, but for non precision non wood cutting bits, it's fine.

If you by the green wheel and attempt to sharpen your carbide bits, use one you don't want. Chances are you'll need to practice some. Give it a try!

Tools and blades that use for precision work, need to be professionally sharpened.

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