air compressor dual output and pressure regulators

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air compressor dual output and pressure regulators

I am setting up a shop, and one of the tools I will be putting in is a laser cutter/engraver. This requires a steady stream of air @ 30 psi.

Ideally, I would like to buy a single air compressor with 2 outputs, each having their own pressure regulator. This would allow me to have a dedicated air line at 30 psi for the laser, and a separate line for general intermittent shop use. However, I have been able to find units with 2 outputs but only one output regulator.

Does anyone know of a compressor that will allow you to independently regulate the output pressure of each output port? I would rather have this than place a pressure regulator on the line between the tank and the laser.
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Welcome to the forums!

I have a 6hp 60 gallon air compressor in my shop - it doesn't have a regulator at the compressor. I have 3 outlets throughout the shop, 2 have their own regulators.

How much cfm do you need at 30 psi? CFM is the main determining factor when sizing an air compressor.
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When installing a piped air delivery system it is normally installed directly to tank pressure, not through a regulator.
When reducing tank pressure then feeding it through piping you will lower the cfm capacity that the system will deliver.

Regulators are normally installed at the point of use.
Why don't you install a regulator on the laser cutter itself?
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I think they're discussing your solution in a parallel thread-

Just use a dual port regulator- one port is at regulated pressure; one port at full pressure.
Add a 2nd regulator to the full-pressure port on the 1st regulator.

As an (on topic) tangent, reading this thread about cutting tools and a steady stream of air
gave me a great idea-

Leaky blow gun + valve + auto-oiler = great drill press accessory

Cool vintage blow gun, button works but seals are worn so it won't fully turn off.
Antique aluminum, so more likely to break it trying to open it to replace the seal.
So, a blow gun that leaks a steady stream of air,

Inspiration, add a valve, which also doubles as a stand.
Voila - the drill press air gun - keeps the drilling area clear, valve to adjust the air flow,
button allows a quick blast of air at full pressure.

Connect an in-line auto-oiler for drilling metal, produces a very fine oil mist, and a stream of chilled air.

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