Best oil to use...

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Best oil to use...

Ok...have a pretty nice 20 floor fan for repair. Similar to this....Ventamatic 20 in. High-Velocity Floor Fan-HVFF 20UPS at The Home Depot In fact I think it's the exact same one.

Starts with a push but otherwise would hum and barely move. Pulled the motor apart and apparently the is a bushing pressed in to the end that gets the most pressure. It appears to have some sort of foam (like a small engine foam filter) in the little cup and I'm guessing that the rotor shaft protrudes far enough that it picks up a little lube.

I don't have any electric motor oil.

I have pneumatic tool oil, P/S fluid, brake fluid, ATF, 5W-20, 10W-40, and 2 cycle oil.

What would you use?

Do fans like this have a cap normally? I know the real big ones do. Can't take the switch box apart to see as they used TA type screws.
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I haven't seen/used any electric motor oil in years but wasn't it kind of on the thin side like 3in1 oil?
I'd probably use whatever was handy ..... but maybe those that know more will have better advice
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I've always used 3in1 on motors. I have seen this happen to fans often. I don't know what causes it and it usually goes away by itself. I'm not sure it's a lube issue because the fans I see it happen to always spin freely by hand.
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Use 2190 Tep That is a US Navy designation for an extreme pressure steam turbine oil. In the real world ANY light machine oil is fine.
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I would use 3 in 1 as well, and it's still available, because I bought another can just a while back, at my local Ace Hardware, I believe. But, although it would be good for it regardless, I have noticed the same thing with fans as toolmon, whether a stray piece of lint gets in there, or whatever; the problem sticks around just long enough to become frustrating, then is gone.
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Well...I should have waited a bit...but I went with some 5W-30 that I found. Seems I remembered that older furnace and A/C blowers had ports that you put a few drops of 30 weight that was the closest I had.

No 3 in 1 and I wasn't going to buy any. Forgot I had some honing and gun oil...probably would have used one of them if I had.

The fan wouldn't spin a full revolution hardly when I did it by hand. Working well now. Except for me braking one of the mounting ears off it would be just fine. Still seems to work ok, I'll just have to keep an eye on the others loosening.

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