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Try not to laugh so loud. I was given an old Craftsman air compressor that runs pretty good. It has a broken plastic part that sticks out of the side of the "head" on the pump. Air pressure leaks out through this broken off part. Does anyone have any idea what it it? Or where I can find a diagram so I can get a replacement for it. It works fine now, just won't hold pressure for long because of this leak. I tried to find out from the "store" but clerks knew less than I do about it. It is small and looks "like" a small muffler. But, I know it is not. This is an electric motor. Thanks for not laughing so loud at my question.
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Easy solution .

Go to, click on "parts". Sears has a wonderful online parts catalog of ALL their stuff. They have basically scanned in all the old parts breakdowns for basically everything. Just plug in the model # and the part number and the diagram will come up.

It might be the safety relief valve. I too, have a Craftsman compressor, that I got for 60 bucks (brand new!) from a neighbor. I downloaded the parts book and printed it. You can order parts online from Sears.

The newer oil less compressors like mine are made by DeVilbiss Air Power Company. I called them and they confirmed it. They were helpful in helping me find an online parts diagram and manual, but my particular model (4 HP, 18 gallon, 1998 model) was a Sears exclusive.

Good luck and let me know how you make out. More companies should have this!

I find that if you use this and then go to the store with the part number in hand, life is a lot easier.

I once waited on the phone for 20 minutes for them to look up the contact switch for my 1979/80 Craftsman garage door opener. I didn't have the manual handy! When I did, the part number was right there...boom, problem solved.

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HI Ed,
DeVilbliss has been making compressors for Sears for years. I bought a craftsman compressor in the late 80's. I needed a part a few years later and Sears could only sell me a complete regulator system. I called DeVilbliss and described the part and they shipped only the fitting I needed which saved me around 45 dollars. Calling them direct might be a good option if Sears doesn't work out.
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True. But, basically, however DeVilbiss shows it, Sears copies the diagram and puts it there . They don't even change the part numbers....they use the vendor numbers!

Years ago, they would turn those vendor part numbers into Sears numbers, but of late, they use the vendor #. If you called DeVilbiss and gave that number, they would recognize them...

However, as stated, Sears marks them up from DeVilbiss, surely they do.

Here's DeVilbiss' website for Air compressors:

They were very helpful when I called them.

Good luck.
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If you want to try my compressor model as an example to see what I'm talking about, try entering this model in the field called "model #"


That's the model # of my 4 HP, 18 Gallon oil free unit (which is actually a Devilbiss).

How big is the one you've got? Any tool like that for free is find!!!

I recently found a Snap On air rachet in the street and rebuilt it with the help of some coworkers and 40 cents in O rings.....that same model retails for 300 bucks today from Snap On!!!

Yay .

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sears compressor

There is a flapper valve inside the manifold and the seal gets hard over time. WHen the compressor stops the electrical switch opens a valve to the flapper, and it hisses. The bad news sears doesn't carry parts anymore. I've emailed some aftermarket places to see if they got something that fits. Feh.

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This thread is six years old.

Hopefully they have found a solution by now. :
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@doug (dykaar)

I have the exact same problem. My compressor is not holding air but leaks slowly out and is a devilbiss/craftsman. i believe the 2 reed valves are holding but there is a hole between them that is leaking. Is this what you're talking about? were you able to find replacement parts? what was the procedure to correct the problem?


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