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Maybe someone here can settle this dispute. Should a person be paranoid about cutting paper with a scissors? Will it dull a scissors to cut paper? More so than cloth or what not? Of course you must validate your answer one way or another.
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Professionally speaking the answer is yes. Paper is a product made of wood. Much thinner than a solid piece of wood but paper no less.

Although we use a toothed hand or power saw to cut wood, that is wood as we know wood to be upon sight, a scissors cannot cut that type of wood. We would never think of using a saw to cut paper nor a scissors to cut wood.

But that's actually what we are doing with a scissors. Cutting wood. Which does in fact dull a scissors blades much faster then cloth.

One should not be paranoid about cutting paper with a scissors. Continue doing so. Doing so is great....It's a professional sharpeners delight I might add...HAHAHA...

What actually happens is the edges of the blades begin to round out causing the dullness. Cutting paper causes this process to happen at an accelerated pace.

Cloth does the same over a longer period of time. However, cutting some types of cloth or thick cloth with a generic household scissors causes the blades to push apart. That causes a loss of shearing action which diminishes the cutting abilities.

The dispute is now settled...haha

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