British English names for American tools


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Hi - can anyone help. I am from the Cotswolds England and am getting very confused by the different names for tools/substances like paint in American English and UK English.
In particular, I'm trying to buy a bradawl (small tool for making starter holes in wood). But I don't know the American English name for it.!!

does anyone know of a glossary of tool names.
...or would be prepared to answer back by jotting down any US/UK names they do know. So far I have found that faucets and taps are the same........
many many thanks!!

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I can't speak the Queen's English, but we just call that an awl in the US. (You also could use an icepick for the same job.)
Don't know of an UK/US glossary anywhere.
If you ever have a question about anything, just ask us. We'll be glad to try to interpret.
Don't worry about it. Over here, to our Yankees, we Southerners "talk funny", too, but we've learned to get by from both sides.
They haven't confused me too much yet.
Believe it or not, there IS a "How To Speak Southern" book, though, as in "I got to change the awl in my truck," but let's not get into that.
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Hi Gilly,
A regular awl will work to a point, no pun intended.
However, if you use a small drill bit slightly less than the brad or screw threads, you will eliminate the possibility of splitting the wood.
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Not a problem. I help many people from England with Pontiac Trans Ams like mine (see my profile).

It's intriguing to listen to how the British speak and converse. Amazing how we differ.

Fitted=Installed, replaced, put in.
Boot=Trunk of vehicle
Bonnet=Hood of vehicle
How many Liters in your Pontiac? 400 Cubic inches, 6.6 liters.
Earth=Ground (electrical ground)
Garage=Repair shop.

It's nice to hear from people from a different country. I enjoy helping the British folks out with their American cars. They often are extremely polite, and very knowledgable, often soaking up every last detail as in the case of the Trans Ams, the cars, information, and parts are quite scarce, so any help is appreciated.

Not to mention that America and England share a rich cultural heritage as nations.

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