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It seems no matter what I do I can't keep the surface of my table saw and jointer from rusting. The manfacture suggested a wax product, that didn't work to well. I read and tried a technique using gun bluing, still rusts. Today, out of desperation to stop the rust in the short term I covered bothe surfaces with mineral oil. I know this is not the solution but only to stop the rust today before it gets any worse. Any suggestions?
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A product that works great on car bodies and floor boards is POR 15, which will neutralize the rust and turn it into an epoxy. It is really intended for flat metal like a floorboard, and other metal exposed parts on a car and the like.

I have used it. It's excellent. Must be topcoated though.
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Unfortunately, most of us woodworkers have experienced the same problem. A good dehumidifier has helped in the basement part of my shop. The garage is another story: I may need another dehumidfier there also. My Jointer and table saw arrived covered with grease. I suppose if not used for quite awhile a grease coating would work. I'm looking into those breatheable covers, may help to a degree. Otherwise, wax and more wax. I have also found that a green scotchbrite pad on my drill or orbital sander will remove most surface rust. We just don't want to progress to pits. I'm sure we are both open to other suggestions.

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