New Makita air compressor: leak at fittings


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New Makita air compressor: leak at fittings

Hi all,

I am totally new to the compressors world, so bear with me
I just purchased a brand new Makita MAC700 with its Makita T-01133 1/4 by 50 polyurethane air hose.

The hose has a 3/8 male connector on both sides, so in order to connect it to the compressor using the quick connect, I bought a couple of hose fittings (Industrial type).

I could instead screw the other side 3/8 male connector directly to the blow gun 1/4-Inch NPT.

Now, although the female hose connector is tight with the hose fitting I bought, there is air leaking I can clearly hear and feel when touching the connector with a finger, also some condense.
I do not think this is normal and besides, if I use the blow gun for, say, 8-10 secs, the compressor begins to charge.

Clearly if the connector does not seal properly, the compressor is not used efficiently and it does not help with the charging time.
In general, is this model supposed to charge that often?

One last thing, very strange for me.
With the compressor, I got a bottle of oil, sealed -181122-A (0.3L) .
Before the break-in I poured all the bottle in the pump crankcase but surprisingly, the level did not reach the recommended middle of the sight glass.
I would have expected to be more the enough, but I will have to buy more to reach the right level.

Thanks for your suggestions/thoughts.

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Not all air fittings are created equal. Its hard to know what a good quality one is by looking at it, or even by looking at the price... but its a safe bet to avoid the cheap box store or discount store fittings. Lowest price definitely equals lowest quality.

Hope you are pouring the oil in the right place. Read the comments in the Amazon reviews here, the guy gives pretty good instructions. I would think the manual would explain it well enough but apparently not.

Yes, it's normal for the compressor to run when using a blow gun. That's a VERY small compressor so it has a very low cfm and won't keep up with a blow gun for long.
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Strange for me too.... I don't think I've ever seen a compressor come without the crankcase oil.

On the air fittings.... you need to use a wrap or two of Teflon tape on the male threads.

I went thru the manual.... it does say oil needs to be added. I was led to believe that the proper amount was sent with it. Make sure compressor is on a level surface.

In the manual they mention viscosity of oil but not capacity. Be sure you use a straight weight non-detergent motor oil..... not typical automotive oils.

Wow...... Makita is slipping! Thanks for that info X.
Those reviews are correct.... the manual is full of warnings and fairly useless.
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You can also buy pints [?] of compressor oil. Probably costs a little more than non detergent oil but might be easier to find. Usually any store that sells tools will have it.

As mentioned above not all quick disconnects are created equal. Some of the cheaper ones are really bad I'm partial to the Milton brand although I don't think they are as good as they used to be
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Thank you guys for your feedback.

Yes, I will try the teflon tape to see if any improvement.
Definitely, the quality of the fittings is bad but it is not easy to find good ones.
Milton is popular and that is why I am no longer sure they make top quality.
Look at Makita, their manual is a joke and their customer support is basically inexisting.
I would have expected the opposite from them.

Anyways, I will buy some compressor oil, possibly 20W as I leave in Canada.


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