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I want to pick up a couple more micrometers, and although Starrett, Mitutoyo, and Brown & Sharpe would be at the top of a "wish list", I am not a machinist, so although I do occasionally do work for others, I can pick and choose so as not to get in over my head, and most of what I do is for fun and to save myself money by working on as much of my own equipment and whatnot as possible. So, that said, and being one who advises others that, for example, they don't need to spend their hard earned money for an RMS meter to do home electrical repairs, or a pneumatic nailer to build a picnic table, I don't think that I necessarily need micrometers of the aforementioned caliber. But these are the quality I have used in the past, and don't know how some of the others measure up. For example, I never heard of Westward or Tritan before, but they appear to be private labeled by two sources that I do respect, Grainger and Fastenal respectively. And it boggles my mind that either of those two would sell "junk". And I also stumbled across Anytime Tools, which I had not heard of, and which seem to only be available online, but I've heard any number of people suggest "read the reviews", and their reviews are overall pretty good; yes, a few naysayers in the mix, but that goes for anything. And the key element is that these last ones I mentioned are SIGNIFICANTLY less costly. So I'm going to keep watching Craigslist, and guess I won't be out more than maybe a weeks worth of gas to try one of the cheaper ones, but wondering if anyone has any experience with any of them.
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I sold a full set (3 or 4 actual tools up to about 5-6 inches) in a wooden box a few years back. I'd have given you those. They were military grade, but I don't remember the name. I just never had a need for them. I use my vernier caliper all the time and it's just a cheap plastic General tools model.

I had a dial indicator from Grizzly and it was perfectly serviceable...don't know where that wandered off to. You might check their offerings. They now carry a lot more than just the Chinese junk they used to.
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Hey, I think you might have nailed it! And I appreciate you thinking of me in regard to the ones you sold too, but glad that you were able to sell them. I have a Grizzly catalog here next to my desk, but not sure I would have even thought of them, although I remembered seeing calipers in there so makes sense. It wasn't too long ago that I would not have bought anything from them, based on what I heard from others, then gradually started hearing some more positive things, even bought a motor from them within the past couple years, and it's humming along fine. Not that a motor is in the same category as a set of mic's, but point being, as you mentioned, not the same company they used to be, in my opinion anyway. I'll take a closer look tomorrow, but appears they have some ones in the range of a couple others I mentioned, so may very well give them a shot. My dad had a full set of top quality ones, and although I'm not sure he ever uses them my brother has them now, and it's sort of a pain to take an hour or so trip to borrow them. Then I also had a full set that I bought in partner with a buddy (can't remember why we ever did that), but he died, and of course the mic's were the last thing on my mind at that time, but before I knew it his son had sold or given away everything he had. Meanwhile I've been using the one micrometer in my box along with my pair of dial calipers, and they're accurate enough, but too often not the right tool. So anyway, thank you. Great suggestion!
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I don't like using micrometers. They are way before even my time. Too much fussing turning the dial and trying to read the verier scales and constantly having to reach for another one of the proper size. Instead I much prefer dial calipers and I even prefer them over digital calipers. Dial calipers don't take batteries so they are always ready to work which is important if you don't use them often. It's very annoying when you go to measure something only to find that the little watch battery in your calipers has died.

Once you leave the old, reputable brands you are just as well off to get the cheapies. Fastenal and Grainger don't make their tools and are importing them from China and having their name etched on. If you can hold them in your hand before buying make sure they have a decent feel but other than that I'd just go cheap. No sense in paying a large US distributor's markup when the same thing can be bought without their logo for 1/4 the price.

I wish you had posted this a year ago. I had a full set of Mitutoyo micrometers all the way up to the monster 12" that I gave away a few months ago. They were cool to look at in their wooden boxes but I got tired of them taking up shop space when I bought a new pair of 12" calipers.
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That's me, a day late and a dollar short, just like the set GunGuy mentioned. And I agree about the dial calipers, in fact I mentioned them in the previous post, and they suffice 90% of the time, which is part of the reason that I don't want to run up $500 or more for something that I don't truly need in the first place. But there are times when I have something on the lathe or in tight quarters where the mic's might work better, so just want something reasonable. I know that Grainger and Fastenal are private labeling Chinese products, and wasn't implying otherwise, but there's decent Chinese stuff and Chinese junk, and was just saying that those two companies are probably at least sourcing from something other than the junk pile. Similarly, the Grizzly ones that GunGuy mentioned are obviously imported too, but I looked at those this morning and will probably go ahead and order them. They come with standards and a wrench anyway, so all I can do is assume that they're adjustable and halfway decent. If they don't pan out once I have them in hand they'll either take them back or I will have learned yet another lesson. I appreciate the comments guys. Pretty much what I was thinking, that no, they're not going to be in the same arena as traditional ones, but will probably suffice for what I want.
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The accuracy of a micrometer is dependent on getting the screw pitch right--and even the cheapest imports can do that. The rest is look & feel.
In my daily chores of maintaining & calibrating measurement tools & equipment I've never found an import that failed for accuracy.
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I gotta agree with Guy. Many decades ago I got a toy micrometer from a gumball machine. It had a half-inch range. Taking it to school one time when in arithmetic class we were learning how to read a vernier scale I was able to do a direct comparison between my toy and a real micrometer. The toy was accurate.

I still have that toy.
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Thanks guys. You're right, and that's pretty much what I had decided too. Dragged my feet yesterday, didn't bite the bullet because I was still rolling it around in my noggin, but thought about it some more today and am going to place a an order with Grizzly, probably yet this evening. They say that they're incremented to .0001, and of course omit how accurate they are at that point, but that's typical of information on anything imported, and probably is irrelevant because they're more accurate than I need anyway. I typically have never scrimped on tools that pay the bills so to speak, or otherwise will see daily use, but these don't fall into that category. My ratchet threaders work fine for all of the pipe I thread, but if I was doing it every day I would own a mule. Likewise, these will work fine for what I want or need now, and if I ever decide to take on some pay work that requires more accuracy that will be the time to buy specifically what I need. Anyway, thanks guys; I appreciate the comments, etc.

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