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Have many hand tools, saws, drill bits, as well as a vast variety of files, grinding stones and sharpening stones.
Would like to know how to sharpen drill bits and small hand saws?
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Hello June and Welcome to the Do It Yourself Web Site and my Sharpening forum.

Drill bits require accurately sharpened cutting edges, angles and relief angles. To correctly and accurately accomplish the task of sharpening dull bits, I would highly suggest you purchase an electric drill bit sharpener.

These machines are available in the tool departments of large retail hardware stores. Almost any brand name will due just fine. I suggest you purchase the vertical bench mount type.

The machine isn't costly and will due the job quite well for non commerical useage. Takes some practice, so learn on a few bits your willing to sacrifice, at first try. Follow the manufacturers instructions very closely.

In regards to sharpening hand saws, yes, it's possible to due this by hand but it is almost impossible, very time consuming and errors can render the saw useless.

Hand saws, like power saw blades, have special sharpening angle requirements and accurate set <teeth bending outwards> in order to cut correctly. To due this correctly, two professional sharpening machines are needed and several steps must be completed, in the correct order, during the sharpening process is required.

I am sure someone will post alternative hand sharpening methods of which I am not familar with, since I sharpen professionally only. Check back in this forum several times for any alternative methods, should there be any.

To sharpen hand gardening tools like prunning snips and hedge shears, etc. the cutting blade can be sharpened on an electric belt sander. The cutting edge should face upwards into the downwards moving belt. A 150 grit sanding belt works best for this task. [This is not exactly the method used by professional sharpeners but will surfice for the homeowner and casual useage.]

To sharpen single blade hand held cutting tools, just follow the existing cutting angle on both blades and make several lite passes on the edge until the cutting surface becomes completely sharp. No honing will be needed. Be sure the two cutting surfaces touch <shear> each other. To accomplish this, adjust <tighten> the center nut and bolt as needed.

Once this part of the sharpening task is done, simply operate the tools as if you were cutting something to remove any lite burrs. When sharpened and adjusted correctly, the pruning snips or hedge shears should cut a sheet of newspaper just like a scissors.

Good Luck
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