quick release connectors for air tools?


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quick release connectors for air tools?

Is there one common type of quick release connectors for air tools?

I need to switch air tools to one compressor and am wondering if getting quick release connectors would save time or cause more trouble.

Right now my two tools are tire inflator, and a stapler gun.
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Not really sure what you are asking. All air hose couplers are "quick release". 1/4" is probably the most common size.
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There is no "one" standard. Different brands can have a slightly different shape. I have them on all my tools and are very handy. Just pick one and stick with it for all your tools.
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I like the quick release but as PD said, there are differences. I have one very common style but ran into some connectors that just would not snap closed. I still can't see the difference between them but bought a hand full of ones that fit and swapped out ALL of the problem ones. But for hoses and tools they are a must.

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In addition, there are high-flow versions of 1/4" connectors as well. Stumbled across this: https://www.factorydirecthose.com/ke...-air-fittings/
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Type M is the most common coupling and if you go to a big box store that is the one you will find.
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As far as I have ever known there are 3 styles that I guess could be called "industry standards", but some lubrication manufacturers and others introduced their own, so I imagine that you could find at least a half dozen or so different ones without a whole lot of searching. Of the three primary ones, two look a lot alike, the difference being visible in the taper of the extruding locking rings on the nipples, and the third, being what I think was and which I always refer to as the "Lincoln" style, on which you see a significantly longer neck on the nipples. Of the first two I mentioned, I think that one used to anyway be the "Aro" style, and the other, which I believe is currently the "M" style that Marq mentioned. That "M" style we used to refer to as the "standard", and that's the one I would buy. Nothing wrong with any of the others, but they're not interchangeable, so you want to get something that you can pick up locally, and I don't think that you'd ever have any problems finding either nipples or couplers to fit those.
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Both homedepot and harborfreight sell coupler kits without indicating the type. Can I assume type M?

Home depot coupler

Harborfreight coupler

Harborfreight has an even cheaper set for 2 bucks but I'm afraid it may be too cheap.
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After buying some "cheep" couplers that continually leaked, I made the decision to only buy "Milton" type M couplers.
Have lots of air tools and hoses so use lots of couplers.. No air leaks with Milton.

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I went and bought the harborfreight coupler and on the package it does say it is type I/M, and it fits the male coupler that comes with the stapler gun. No leaks. I'm good for the time being.

Thanks to all who replied.
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I second the recommendation for Milton brand quick connects! While I have had a few that leaked they seem to fit tighter and preform better than the cheap brands.
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The most common STYLE of connector is type M.
That's what' you've already got, that's what's sold in stores.

The most common SIZE is 1/4" which is fine for inflating tires and running nail guns.
However, more powerful tools like impact wrenches and tools that run for a long duration like
saws, drills and grinders, need more airflow and will require the larger 3/8" plug.

All type M plugs are basically identical, I have occasionally found cheap ones with a bit of casting-flash, i.e. they leaked because the "lip" wasn't flat and didn't seal, but a quick bit of filing fixed that.

The female couplers from different stores are subtly different.
The cheap couplers have a lock mechanism that uses 3 ball bearings, the expensive ones use 4 or more bearings.
The outer sleeve on some couplers are "defaults closed", i.e. you need two hands to retract the outer sleeve and "open" the coupler before you can insert a plug, while others are "default open" and the the sleeve stays retracted, practially this means you can insert a new tool one-handed (helpful if you're under a car or on a ladder).
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