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Hi! I have several used drill bits that are in need of harpening. Is there a way to do this manually or should I invest in a product such as "the drill dr."? I also would like to know when do I use a grinding wheel as opposed to a hone to sharpen other tools and blades. If it aint sharp neither am I! Thanks....Ducki
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Hey Ducki

Tom has already posted the information your requesting regarding sharpening drill bits, in his reply to June H. Faron, dated 05-12-01.

The information is very accurate and buying a generic drill bit sharpener does provide sharp bits for casual useage for the hobbiest or homeowner.
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Hi: Ducki

There isn't any accurate hand method to sharpen drilling bits. It is possible to sharpen the cutting edge holding the bit in hand and grinding the top cutting surface.

One needs a sharp eye and a steady hand to do this but it can be done. Using this hand method, the problems arise due to inaccurate cutting surfaces and thinning of the center point. Center point is called the web.

Sharpened incorrectly, the cutting surfaces will not evenly cut causing problems and without an accurate web point, the bit will wonder off center. Which means the bit will not drill straight down from the center.

Best method is to buy a shop type bit sharpener. More information on this topic is contained in the prior posting to June Faron.

Good Luck
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