Will this clean the inside of a steel tube?


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Will this clean the inside of a steel tube?

I need to "derust" as best I can the inside of a closed shovel (replacing the handle). Will something like this work. I can't seem to find a a cone brush near my diameter, 1.25".

In the description it says it will but I'm not sure how, unless the wire bristles flay out when rotated. I'd be using a corded drill. I'm assuming the 1" diameter is with the wires as pictured (not during rotation)?. Never had this type of wire brush before.


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I dunno. Those bristles look pretty stiff. I wouldn't count on them flattening out. I'd look more at a brush like this...... Weiler-Brush-Stainless-Crimped-1"Diameter
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You could get a gallon of evapo rust or similar product and soak.

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How bad is the rust?
I'd probably just roll up some sandpaper, get what I could and then use a rust converter.
here's an example - https://www.zoro.com/rust-oleum-rust...SABEgLAXPD_BwE
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If this is just for a shovel I wouldn't spend any money. I'd just use whatever I had at hand; sandpaper or even an old screwdriver to scrape out the bulk of the rust.
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Wrap a piece of sand paper around the new handle and use it to clean out the rust.
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I'm sorta in Pilot Danes viewpoint of it just a shovel and don't want to spend a relatively lot of money for it. There are just some boogers inside that resist the handle from sliding in. I'm not too concerned about future rust or slowing it down.

I'll try the screwdriver method first, then follow up with a brush similar to Pjs suggestion, found one at HD for about $3 to add to my collection.

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