Dewalt cordless drill chuck break-down


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Dewalt cordless drill chuck break-down

Hi All, I know how to remove the chuck from my 18 year old 18 volt Dewalt cordless drill.....but does anyone know if the actual chuck itself can be taken apart and how to do it ?? Thanks
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I have disassembled and reassembled 3 and 4 jaw lathe chucks, but never a smaller one like that, and not sure what it would accomplish. If it's gummed up I might toss it in the parts cleaner then oil it good, but otherwise would replace it.
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I think the chuck is replaced as a unit...

You could probably take it apart with a sledgehammer... but I don't think it would be much good afterward.
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I've had good luck cleaning them out and oiling or WD-40'ing them.
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Yea.....I made a BOO-BOO and dropped mine and I guess it landed on the chuck itself as every since then the chuck will "lock up" so-to-speak when adjusting it. It always works but you may have to fiddle with it a little. I was just wondering if there was a way to get into it so I could have a look-see and maybe see a problem. Interesting to be sure.....I sure don't see any way to get into it, but the way I figure is if it got put together in pieces, then it has to come apart in pieces.....lOL

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