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Hello Tom,
Would you give me some tips on sharpening wood carving tools (chisels) at home?
I am an amateur wood carver and I have a set of wood carving chisels (made in Taiwan) which are blunt.
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Hello Jose and Welcome to the Do It Yourself Web Site and my Sharpening forum.

Chisels can be sharpened on a belt sander using a fine grit belt. It takes some practice and the process does happen quickly. There are several tips to know first using this method.

Be sure to have a small pot or pan of water handy. Using the water both to cool the chisel and to provide a lubricate. Water both aids the sharpening process and cleans the material.

Consider that practice does make perfect. Start the process slowly and watch the chisels end closely. Only remove small amounts of metal at a time.

Since this method is governed by the hand, matchup the existing angle of the tool and follow it across the belt. The object here is to attempt to maintain a sharpened edge and a squared end or existing angle if the tool is shaped other then squared.

You can also use a water wheel grinding machine or any of there speciality sharpening tools sold at most woodworking hobbie stores. In the store there should also be manuals covering the topic of sharpening woodworking or carving tools.

Wood carving tools come in a lot of assortments of shapes and sizes. Therefore, it is difficult to accurately post here the method which is best to use for each tool or the machine type to use. Practice. Notice the existing angles and follow them as closely as possible.
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some help
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I have been carving for many years now and have NEVER had to use power to sharpen my tools...there are many shapes and sizes of tools...and hand stone to do this...you will not burn, damage or remove to much at one time, you need to keep the profile of the cutting edge of each tool, in most cases you can sharppen 6-8 tools in one evening...watching t.v. will cut good...Look good.....and last a long time...if you need more help on profile sharpening let me know.... as time goes on and you will find out how much fun carving realy is.....you "will buy high end tools" to work with this realy adds to the fun......Good Luck

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