Proper oil for air tools


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Proper oil for air tools


I recently purchased a a couple of air tools to use when working on my cars. A 3/8 ratchet and impact wrench. I was reading the instructions that came with both and they indicate each needs to be oiled when used. While I won't use them continually like an auto shop, I will oil each time I run them.

Of course the manufacture suggested their own brand of oil.

My purpose for posting is to ask if anyone knows what type of oil is used in air tools. I happen to have some Dewalt oil i use in my pneumatic staplers (see attached picture). Wondering if that oil is essentially the same type of oil used in impact wrenches, etc.
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Air tool oil is pretty universal.
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Ya, most any air tool oil will work fine, 3in1 oil will also work.
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Just get in the habit of putting a couple drops in EVERY time you use it so that it becomes a habit!
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I agree; it's all pretty much the same, and the main thing is to get in the habit of using it. A couple of drops in the air nipple each time you use them. For continued use, like roofing nailers, I add a couple of drops at lunchtime and at mid-morning and mid-afternoon breaks. And forget inline lubricators, they have their place, but not in applications like this because the oil is going to end up on the inside surface of the hose and never make it to the tool. The only exception is that some finish nailers are oilless to avoid spraying the wood.
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